Oggi, l'’Africa è emersa da questo cammino oscuro. Il nostro Armageddon è passato
— Haile Selassie I

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  • Industrial Parks for Industrial Transformation

    [Ethiopian Herald] Of late, accompanied by Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, the Eritrean High Level Delegation to Ethiopia headed by Eritrean Presidential Adviser Yemane Gebreab and Foreign Minister Osman Saleh made a tour to visit development projects in Hawasa, capital of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Regional State.

  • U.S. Companies Promoting Business in Ethiopia

    [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA -- As Ethiopia explores new ways of tapping into its incredible economic potential, American Companies are promoting responsible business practices to encourage American companies to be part of the process both as investors and being exemplary for foreign investment for shared benefits, according to U.S Embassy.

  • Unchaining Our Human Rights Record

    [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is viewed by the international community as having a bad human rights record. From the Quangos (Quasi-NGOs) run by U.S. government finance to promote liberalism and U.S. interests to legitimate international and national human rights organizations, all deem Ethiopia as one of the chronic human rights violators. ...

  • Privatizing for Noble Cause!

    [Ethiopian Herald] State ownership of public enterprises which Ethiopia has made almost a tradition over the last decades served the country beyond its natural life time. The current climate of business and investment favors private ownership. The size of customers is enlarging at an unprecedented rate with ever emerging demands ...

  • Astounding Diplomatic Achievements!

    [Ethiopian Herald] For sure, Ethiopia's bargaining power is gathering momentum every year as the country has been registering rapid growth for over a decade. As history has it, opposing western aggression and domination , Ethiopia used to follow closed-door policy for many years. However, during the last so called reign ...

  • Dire Dawa Living Up to Investors' Expectations

    [Ethiopian Herald] One critical bottleneck to low investment performance in Ethiopia had been inadequate promotion of the country's potentials and its attractive investment incentives. Understanding this daunting scenario, the government attached increasing emphasis on economic diplomacy. Hence, investors of all kinds, including the anchor ones, started to flow to the ...

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