Il fatto è che questo paese è proprio cambiato, la gente è cambiata, e anche il tempo che passa è cambiato.
— Saneh Sangsuk

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  • Thai hopes for piracy list upgrade

    After more than a decade, Thailand may exit the US Trade Representative's Priority Watch List (PWL) and enter the Watch List (WL) category as a result of the country's decade-long effort to strengthen its intellectual property regime, says the Economic Crime Suppression Division.

  • 300,000 new SMEs targeted

    The government plans to increase the number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by 300,000 next year, as they are expected to play a major role in supporting the Thai economy, says Suwanchai Lohawattanakul, newly appointed director-general of the Office of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promotion (Osmep).

  • Small firms 'must adapt to new era'

    Thai small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are being urged to brace themselves for disruptive technology and integrate technology in their business models to keep them ahead of the curve after latest findings suggest they are losing competitiveness.

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