Non chiedete cosa possa fare il Paese per voi, chiedete cosa potete fare voi per il vostro Paese
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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  • 03 Ott
    Speciale food mercato USA

    L'evento "Speciale food mercato USA: le nuove regole di accesso per il settore agroalimentare" si terrà il 3 ottobre a Roma. Le recenti norme introdotte dal Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) prevedono nuovi obblighi per le imprese operanti negli Stati Uniti e rafforzano i controlli sugli alimenti da parte della food ...

  • 23 Set
    Maker Faire 2017

    La fiera "Maker Faire di New York" si terrà dal 23 al 24 settembre 2017 presso la New York Hall of Science a New York. Maker fair è un settore a cavallo tra industria e artigianato e notevolmente in crescita, in grado di fornire risposte tempestive a condizioni di produzione in continua ...

  • 07 Set
    Fashion Week New York 2017

    L'evento "Fashion Week New York 2017" si svolgerà dal 7 al 14 settembre a New York. Nella settimana della moda di New York sfileranno le collezioni moda donna per la primavera 2018.

  • Is the world ready for a strong German leader?

    Germany does not have a system of term limits for heads of state. Candidates for chancellor can seek reelection as long as their party continues to support their candidacy. However, it’s not common. The only postwar German politician to be elected for four consecutive terms was current Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ...

  • Attacks increasingly targeting displaced people in northeast Nigeria

    Source: Norwegian Refugee Council Country: Nigeria190 security incidents involving civilians were reported in July in northeast Nigeria. Of note was an increase in the number of attacks on sites sheltering displaced civilians.Dozens of people where killed yesterday when multiple suicide bombers detonated devises outside a camp sheltering displaced people in Borno ...

  • Thousands of displaced Iraqis living with psychological toll of conflict

    Source: International Organization for Migration Country: IraqIOM has been offering support to IDPs since November 2016 – virtually since the start of the Mosul crisis – by providing integrated psychosocial services to 24,399 displaced Iraqis. Mosul – Weeks after the retaking of Mosul city, many internally displaced persons (IDPs) are exhibiting signs ...

  • Ghana: Economy Among Africa's Best

    [Business Day] Ghana is the eighteenth-most attractive economy for investments flowing into the African continent, according to the latest Africa Investment Index (AII) compiled by Quantum Global's independent research arm, Quantum Global Research Lab. In 2016, Ghana attracted a net foreign direct investment of US$3.5bn.

  • Iranian President in threat over nuclear programme

    Iran's president has issued a direct threat to the West, claiming his country is capable of revitalising its nuclear programme within hours. Hassan Rouhani also said the country could quickly bring the nuclear programme to even more advanced levels than when Iran reached a deal with world powers that limited its ...

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