Non chiedete cosa possa fare il Paese per voi, chiedete cosa potete fare voi per il vostro Paese
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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  • 05 Apr
    Select USA: Rapporti professionali e commerciali Italia/USA

    Il convegno “Select USA: Rapporti professionali e commerciali Italia/USA” promosso dai Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili di Bari, con il patrocinio di AmCham Italy, si terrà mercoledì 5 aprile 2017 a Bari, presso il Palazzo Ateneo. L’evento vedrà la partecipazione, tra gli altri, di Dawn Bruno, Consigliere Commerciale dell’Ambasciata USA ...

  • Oggi
    Fare business negli USA di Trump

    Fare business negli USA di Trump: nuovi scenari per le imprese italiane si svolgerà il 30 marzo a Milano. Dall’ambito politico a quello economico, da quello commerciale a quello industriale, la presidenza di Donald Trump è un susseguirsi di colpi di scena. Le dichiarazioni, i decreti e le scelte strategiche del nuovo presidente ...

  • American tech icon Westinghouse bet on nuclear, and lost

    Westinghouse Electric Co., once synonymous with America’s industrial might, wagered its future on nuclear power — and lost. Now a unit of Japanese technology giant Toshiba Corp., Westinghouse filed for bankruptcy-court protection, citing as much as $10 billion in debt. The move marks the end of a troubled era, which ...

  • IATA criticizes US, UK electronics bans as ineffective

    The leading international airline trade organization’s top official on March 28 denounced U.S. and British bans on some electronic devices on flights from several Muslim-majority countries, criticizing the policies as a move toward “more restricted borders and protectionism.”

  • Handmade dolls bring hidden tales of war-torn Syria to life

    Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Lebanon, Syrian Arab RepublicIn Lebanese camps, women are creating and selling dolls that tell individual refugees' stories; the proceeds go to the people behind the stories back in Syria.By: Dana Sleiman in Beirut, Lebanon | 29 March 2017 Inside one of the ...

  • Markets at the mercy of politics

    One would have thought that the toughest obstacle for Donald Trump would have been limited to the presidential election win. Yet, two months into his tenure, Trump has failed to gather the needed support in congress to implement his proposed health care reforms on the previously set bill implemented by ...

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