My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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  • 26 Feb
    M&A outlook: Growth and financial trends between Italy and USA

    Il convegno “M&A outlook: Growth and financial trends between Italy and USA”, promosso dal Gruppo di Lavoro M&A di AmCham Italy si terrà martedì 26 febbraio a Milano. L'evento, che sarà aperto dal Presidente di AmCham Giuliano Tomassi Marinangeli, sarà l'occasione per presentare il Position Paper elaborato dal Gruppo di Lavoro ...

  • Markägare stämmer Trump

    Tre markägare i Texas lämnade på fredagen in en stämningsansökan mot Donald Trump med anledning av att USA:s president har sagt att han tänker utlysa ett nödläge vid USA:s södra gräns. Markägarna menar, enligt tankesmedjan Public Citizen, att det innebä

  • Wall Street Rallies on Trade Optimism

    Wall Street rallied on Friday, with the Dow and the Nasdaq posting their eighth consecutive weekly gains as investors grew hopeful that the United States and China would hammer out an agreement resolving their protracted trade war.

  • Facebook Could Face Multibillion-Dollar Fine Over Privacy Failures

    Facebook is in legal trouble again according to an article on the Washington Post. The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly in discussions with the tech giant to settle a multibillion-dollar fine after an investigation into past privacy violations. This is far from the first time Facebook has found itself in hot water ...

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