Non chiedete cosa possa fare il Paese per voi, chiedete cosa potete fare voi per il vostro Paese
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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  • Stronger global economy helps boost U.S. job market

    WASHINGTON - The U.S. job market is benefiting from an unlikely source: other countries. The global economy is showing renewed strength, with Europe, Japan and many developing nations growing in tandem for the first time in a decade. The brightening international picture is encouraging more hiring in the United States - ...

  • Thai hopes for piracy list upgrade

    After more than a decade, Thailand may exit the US Trade Representative's Priority Watch List (PWL) and enter the Watch List (WL) category as a result of the country's decade-long effort to strengthen its intellectual property regime, says the Economic Crime Suppression Division.

  • Outlook for Houston economy: Getting better, slowly

    Bustling global trade and a healthy U.S. economy could accelerate Houston's economic recovery next year, but a sluggish comeback in the oil industry could impede the region's job growth, a local economist said on Friday.

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