How to negotiate with Brazil

How to negotiate with Brazil
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02 Febbraio 2017
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Each country has its own cultural background and style of thinking and acting. Some countries changed their mentality and adopted international rules and usual form of global business but for other countries, some rules and aspect are still very important.

These cultural differences strongly influence the business world.

Brazil is the largest country in South America in both populations (approximately 210 million) and area (8,5 million square kilometers).

It is characterized by a diverse culture and geography, and historically it has been the source of important natural resources. Its rich and distinct culture is a mix of Portuguese, African and indigenous influences.

Brazilians are friendly and family is so important for them, because of that the families in Brazil are large. Educational and socioeconomic backgrounds are also very important for Brazilians.

For Brazilian business people is so important who want to negotiate with them. In other words, the individual is more important than the company or organization. So Face-to-face meetings are more preferred by the Brazilians, rather than written e-mail or telephonic communication and if they work good with someone they prefer to continue to collaborate with him/her.

Body Language

When meeting a Brazilian for the first time, normally, men greet each other with a firm handshake combined with strong eye contact. Women also use the handshake but the kiss on the cheek is a common way Brazilians use to greet each other.

But greeting is different depending on the state. For example, in the state of Rio de Janeiro they kiss one to each cheek but in the rest of the Brazilian states, as São Paulo, the kiss is done only one time.

Conversation topics

Brazilians have to feel comfortable in their relation and they prefer to get to know with whom they are doing business. Therefore, you can start your conversation with common topics like talking about your life, Family, Children, your country, Brazil, cities and restaurants.

Pay attention not to speak about Carnival, samba, women, Argentina, politics, poverty, religion and other things that Brazil is stereotyped about.

Brazil is not whole of South America

It is so good that you know something about where you are working and show an interest in the geography, history and politics and Be respectful of countries individually.

Therefore, you have to know Brazilians speak Portuguese and we do not have to mix the elements of Brazil with other countries of Latin America like:

- Latin America encloses 22 nations across Central and South America that share many cultural and economic commonalities and Brazil is just one of this nations;

- Much more can be said about the similarities and differences between the histories of Latin American countries but Brazil has a unique history from Portuguese colony to a period of military dictatorship and to full democracy;

- Global Influence: Brazil is the only South American country among the BRICS emerging economies, it is the country with the largest GDP in Latin America and it is the country with the largest population.

Look good

Brazilians believe that if you pay a lot of attention to your appearance, that attention to details carries over into your business performance. Therefore, in business situations, for men, tailored dark suits, long-sleeved shirts, ties and polished shoes are necessary.

Women are expected to wear feminine dresses or tailored suits, and closed-toed shoes with semi-high heels.

Don’t forget

In Brazil it’s important to remember:

- To make appointments at least two weeks in advance.

- Expect to be served small cups of Brazilian’s coffee and never say NO!

- The O.K. hand signal is a rude gesture in Brazil.

- The colors of the Brazilian flag are yellow and green. Avoid wearing this combination in any ceremony.

- Purple flowers are extensively used at funerals, so be cautious when giving someone purple flowers, but violets are ok.

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