• Países da CPLP debatem estratégia

    A Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa (CPLP) realiza no mês de Junho a primeira conferência internacional sobre o desenvolvimento energético a nível dos Estados membros

  • CMA and Angola seal new partnership deal

    CAPITAL Markets Authority has signed a supervisory and regulatory coordination pact with Capital Markets Commission of Angola. CMA said in a statement yesterday the pact would help promote the increasingly rising supply of international financial services in the two countries. Kenya last year tapped $2.75 billion (Sh251.37 billion) from international ...

  • Angola: Vice-President and Swiss Ambassador Discuss Investments

    [ANGOP]Luanda -The attraction of investments of Swiss companies for Angola was discussed on Thursday in Luanda, in an audience that the Angolan Vice-President, Manuel Vicente, granted to the ambassador of Switzerland, Benedict Johannes Gubler.

  • Angola: Anip Signs Akz 3 Billion Investments Deals

    [ANGOP]Luanda -At least Akz 3.5 billion is the total value of 16 investments contracts signed, Thursday, in Luanda, by the National Agency for Private Investment (ANIP) and the Angolan and foreign investors linked to the industrial, agricultural, commercial, construction, services and aquaculture sectors.

  • Africa Insurance Boosts Profit by 40pc

    Africa Insurance Company, one of the first insurance companies in the country that reached their 20th anniversary, managed to increase its profit after tax by 42pc reaching 37 million Br and the earnings per share reached 478 Br from the prior year’s 408 Br. Although the Bank has registered such a ...

  • Africa: Global Investments - Is South Africa Still On the Agenda?

    [Daily Maverick]Just the other day, J. BROOKS SPECTOR quietly obtained a transcript of the discussion in a committee of the board of directors of a major multinational high-tech manufacturing company. This committee is the one that prepares final recommendations for the topmost layer of management in that firm for its ...

  • South Africa upbeat on 'Make in India' to boost trade

    South Africa is considering the 'Make In India' initiative a key area of interest at a time when the country is keen on boosting bilateral trade and has placed India as a priority destination for improving the business ties.