• Un passaporto dell’Unione europea vale oro

    Cipro ha venduto passaporti per sette miliardi di dollari dal 2013, pari a un quarto del pil annuale dell’isola. Il governo ungherese li concede per avere più elettori filogovernativi. Un libretto bordeaux può fare la differenza. Leggi

  • Turkey slams deal between US, Greek Cypriots

    A memorandum of understanding signed this week between the U.S. and the Greek Cypriot administration will harm efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue instead of contributing to peace and stability, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said early on Sept. 14. 

  • Turkey slams French-Greek Cyprus defense deal

    A defense agreement signed between France and Greek Cyprus is against the 1960 treaties that provide equilibrium between Turkish and Greek Cypriots on the island and poses a risk for the already fragile stability and security, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a written statement over the weekend.

  • Ankara slams EU proposal on Cyprus

    The proposals of the EU on the Cyprus issue, "which have never referred to the equal rights of the Turkish Cypriots on the island's natural resources, are "far from serious", said Turkish Foreign Ministry's spokesman on June 17.