On this battlefield man has no better weapon than his intelligence, no other force but his heart
— José Rizal
  • FTI: Boost border economy

    The business sector has urged the government to set up exhibition centres in neighbouring countries to support border trade and channel regional integration after the implementation of the Asean Economic Community (AEC).

  • Thai business giants reconsider international expansion

    Full-steam regional integration under the Asean Economic Community (AEC) is offering new opportunities for Southeast Asian companies to expand across borders. However, the global economic slowdown and a plunge in oil prices have given rise to new uncertainties and prompted some companies to reconsider the timing of new projects abroad.

  • Less talk, more action

    IN 2009 SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO, in his second inaugural speech as president, boasted that Indonesia could “exercise its foreign policy freely in all directions, having a million friends and zero enemies.” Its foreign-policy goals, he said, were “advancing multilateralism through the United Nations and creating harmony among countries”. That may ...

  • Increasing competitiveness, fostering human resources

    Since its foundation in 1967, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has made extraordinary progress. It has been transformed into an increasingly well-regulated, dynamic and the world’s fastest-developing economic region. Its member states grew from six to 10 and today include Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, ...

  • Contributing to Southeast Asian development

    ASEAN is currently attracting much attention as a major growth center in the global economy. With a market of more than 600 million people and an abundant young labor force, whose working-age population will peak in the second half of the 2040s, ASEAN has achieved remarkable economic growth with its ...

  • Working to optimize relationships

    Japan welcomes the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community, or AEC, as the prosperity of the Association of South East Asian Nations is expected to also benefit Japan, the world’s third-largest economy. “Japan and ASEAN should be in a win-win relationship,” said Secretary-General of the ASEAN-Japan Centre Masataka Fujita, who ...

  • OIC interviene sulla Legge Bangsamoro

    FILIPPINE Manila 24/01/2016. L'Oic (Organizzazione per la cooperazione Islamica) ha detto che l'approvazione della legge sul Bangsamoro (Bbl) è in armonia con la revisione dell'accordo di pace del 1996 con il Moro National Liberation Leggi tutto...