Made in Mongolia 2015 generates one billion MNT in sales

06 Febbraio 2015
Paese:  Mongolia Fonte: 


Tsagaan Sar Exhibition – Made in Mongolia 2015 was held for one week at Misheel Expo, and ended on Wednesday. The organizers of the exhibition highlight that this year’s sales were good, and that participants traded one billion MNT in goods.
Last year over 700 entities participated in the exhibition, while this year the exhibition expanded its scope and over 800 entities participated.
Some of the entities participating in the exhibition were presented with awards. In particular, MTOT, Milko, Zuraas, Star Sky, and citizen N.Munkhtuvshin received special prizes. Erdeniin Goyol, Nom Khur, Gobi, and Erdenet Khivs were named as the exhibition’s best entities. Grand prix awards went to Hero Kids, Jivertiin Orgil, Mongol Nekhmel, Selenge Press, and Master Dodo.
Tsagaan Sar Exhibition – Made in Mongolia was organized for its eighth time under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Mongolia.
Made in Mongolia 2015 exhibitions are also being held at Dragon Center, Shuniin Zakh (Night Market), and in six districts of Ulaanbaatar. They will continue until the end of Tsagaan Sar.

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