• Brasile

    Maria Vieira ataca Salvador Sobral: “Esse fulano é um idiota”

    A reação da atriz surge com reação a uma entrevista concedida por Salvador Sobral à RTP1, na semana passada, na qual o jovem de 27 anos afirmou que "gostava de experimentar um ataque que não fosse noticiado. Está a dar-se muita importância a eles".

  • Italia

    Italgas in fermento, il mercato aspetta il piano al 2023

    (Teleborsa) - Scambia in profit il più importante distributore di gas naturale in Italia e il terzo in Europa., che lievita dell'1,96%. A fare da assist alle azioni, è l'attesa per il...

  • Spagna

    Spagna, il Governo alza le stime di crescita

    (Teleborsa) - L'economia della Spagna crescerà a un ritmo più veloce rispetto al trend di crescita registrato finora. Ne è convinto il ministro dell'Economia,...

  • Malta

    Host family tax should be reversed - Chamber

    The tourism tax introduced by government last year for host families should be reversed, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry said today. “Once the bed tax on tourists was introduced in the form of an eco-contribution, the Chamber noted the counterproductive nature of the tax with regards to the ...

  • Malta

    Watch: Customs to get new x-ray scanner

    Updated 1.52pm - Added video Malta Customs is to get a new x-ray scanner for containers after approval of funding by the EU.  The new scanner will be delivered by the end of October, the Customs Department said. It will be installed at Malta Freeport.  Finance Minister Edward Scicluna said the new piece of ...

  • Malta

    Government guarantees up €201m since 2013

    Government guarantees were €201 million higher in 2016 than in 2013, and now represent 14.1 per cent of GDP. The guarantees oblige the government to make good should the borrower default. In 2016, over €1.1 billion of the €1.4 billion in government guarantees were to non-financial corporations (2013:€946 million), with €282 million ...

  • USA

    EU industrial policy strategy by spring 2018

    The European Council has called on the European Commission to come up with an industrial policy strategy in time for its meeting in Spring 2018. The strategy should present medium to long-term strategic objectives for industry, and should be accompanied by an action plan developed in close consultation with member states. One ...

  • Malta

    Tourism tax should be reversed for host families – Chamber of Commerce

    The Malta Chamber today reiterated that the tourism tax introduced by Government last year should be reversed for host families. The Chamber underlined its position in its Pre-Electoral Proposals document which it presented to the political leaders of the major parties as the General Election of 3 June was announced.“Once ...

  • Malta

    Women with leadership traits berated, gentle men are ridiculed, say academics

    Last week, a post by blogger Glenn Bedingfield, in which the Nationalist Party executive president Ann Fenech was ridiculed for not having properly shaved under her arms, raised eyebrows on Facebook, prompting one young woman to voice her opinion on what she deemed to be an offensive and sexist comment. ...

  • USA Malta

    Editorial: Shame on you politicians

    In a snap electoral campaign forced on everyone by the Prime Minister due to allegations of corruption piling on his administration, one would have thought that the common citizen, the workers, the students and all those who struggle to make ends meet would have become the centre of the campaign.We ...