Business in Asia: How to keep roaring

29 Maggio 2014
Paese:  Cina India Mongolia Oman Thailandia Fonte: 

IN 2012 AMERICA¬íS intelligence agencies forecast that Asia would soon be carrying more weight in the world than at any time since 1750. By 2030 ¬ďAsia will have surpassed North America and Europe combined in terms of global power, based upon GDP, population size, military spending and technological investment,¬Ē the spooks predicted. They made it sound like a foregone conclusion.On the ground, though, Asia seems a more nervous place than that forecast implies. Peace, a foundation stone of the region¬ís economic boom over the past 20 years, is under threat from border squabbles between China and its neighbours and from a regional arms race. Investment patterns are changing in response, with Japanese firms shifting away from China. Two of the main inputs that fuelled the boom¬ólabour and capital¬óhave become more expensive. Wages are rising and the workforces of Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan will soon peak or are already in decline, part of a growing ¬ďGreysia¬Ē. Interest rates around the world may rise soon and state-run banks in India and China have lots of bad debts, pushing up the cost of capital.The continent¬ís success to date has also created a new set of…

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