Mongolia and China to finalize mid-term trade and economic development plan

31 Luglio 2014
Paese:  Cina Mongolia Fonte: 

Trans. by Ch.KHALIUN

Deputy Director of the Asia Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry and head of task group of the Chinese-Mongolian intergovernmental commission, Sung Yaomin, arrived in Ulaanbaatar to discuss the development of the mid-term economic partnership plan for Mongolia and China.
Deputy Minister of Mongolia D.Terbishdagva welcomed Sung and the Chinese representatives accompanying him. The Deputy Minister expressed gratitude for the active role the Deputy Director played in the development of the partnership plan, and pledged to finalize it during the official visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The Deputy Prime Minister noted that this document will help expand the economic partnership between the two countries.
Also co-chair of the Mongolia-China intergovernmental commission, Deputy Minister D.Terbishdagva expressed his thanks for the many years of contributions to developing bilateral trade between the two countries and for Sung’s broadscale knowledge of Mongolia.
Sung Yaomin expressed China’s interest in cooperating in Mongolia`s mining and infrastructure sectors by providing access to reputable Chinese companies, and pledged support and cooperation in projects of strategic interest, including the Tavan Tolgoi and Oyu Tolgoi projects.
Trade volume between Mongolia and China reached 5.96 billion USD last year.

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