Mongolia to import poultry products from China

29 Novembre 2014
Paese:  Cina Mongolia Fonte: 


A Chinese food firm based in Shandong Province, China, has acquired official permission from the Mongolian government to export poultry products to the country, according to Xinhua News Agency of China.
Upon obtaining permission, Fengxiang Co., Ltd has become the first Chinese food company to export poultry products to Mongolia, remarked the Shandong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.
The bureau underlined that Mongolian authorities inspected export-oriented poultry firms in Shandong Province in October and were satisfied with the quality and safety controls for the poultry products.
Fengxiang is one of China’s leading chicken processing companies and delivers its products to KFC and McDonald’s. The company has an annual capacity to process 200 million chickens and 60,000 tons of cooked poultry products.

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