• Panama

    Icelanders vote for stability as Pirates fall short of expectations

    Icelanders opted for stability in a general election, results showed today, with the anti-establishment Pirate Party falling short of expectations and the junior partner in the outgoing government emerging on top. With voters still angered by the 2008 financial crisis and the naming of several government figures in an offshore tax ...

  • Malta

    Animal hospital opens in Ta' Qali

    A new veterinary hospital was opened at Ta' Qali today, a joint venture between the government and the private sector. It replaces the St Fancis animal centre set up by the former government, which was closed for the past few months.  The hospital includes a veterinary pharmacy which is open round the ...

  • Malta

    A Phoenician wreck that just keeps giving

    A jug unearthed at the oldest shipwreck in the central Mediterranean could prove that the Maltese islands were an integral part of the Phoenician trade network. “To date, we knew that the Phoenicians lived here, because they died here. And to date, our main archaeological sources came from graves,” marine archaeologist ...

  • Malta

    Ice ice baby

    The regulars at the IceHotel in Jukkasajarvi, 100 miles into Swedish Lapland and 150 miles beyond the Arctic Circle, tend to be spruce business types. Spruce trees are big business in northern Sweden and travel-ling spruce salesmen need somewhere to stay in Europe’s last wilderness. The IceHotel (formerly the Arctic Hall Hotel)  ...

  • Panama

    Iceland backs traditional party over Pirates

    Voters fear for economy and seek stability in wake of Panama Papers scandal

  • Kenya

    Concerns raised about overall health of Kenya's economy

    There is news of struggling companies and job losses.

  • Argentina

    Shigeo Suzuki: "Puede haber una ola de inversiones japonesas en la Argentina"


  • USA Malta

    Brother Louis Camilleri f.s.c. – Cause of Veneration

    Born on 1st September 1923 at Zurrieq, since the age of 15, the young Anthony Camilleri had a desire to become a De La Salle Brother (otherwise known as the Brothers of the Christian Schools or Freres), ever since he was 15 years old. During his life, Br Louis' priority ...

  • Malta

    Decent housing opportunities ‘is a national priority’

    The sharp increase in rents over the past few years is having a serious impact on the ability of vulnerable people, including families, to secure decent accommodation, the Coalition of Civil Society Organisations said yesterday.Although possibly a sign that Malta is becoming more prosperous, several Maltese and foreign individuals are ...

  • Giappone

    German firm aims to compactly convert radioactive Fukushima wood into power

    Japan is turning to a small German company to generate power from timber irradiated by the 2011 Fukushima No. 1 nuclear meltdowns. Closely held Entrade Energiesysteme AG will sell electricity from 400 of its container-size biomass-to-power machines set up in Fukushima Prefecture, said Julien Uhlig, the Duesseldorf-based company’s chief executive ...