I believe the world is beautiful, and poetry, like bread, is for everyone.
— Roque Dalton García
 El Salvador

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  • El Salvador’s population reject Bitcoin -UCA survey

    Bitcoin (BTC) is suffering the rejection of Salvadorans, who disapproved of its implementation as legal tender in a survey released on Tuesday, October 18, by the University Institute of Public Opinion of the Central American University José Simeón Cañas (IUDOP/UCA). 65.5% of El Salvador's population believes that

  • Bukele’s liberal reforms have made El Salvador an energy exporter

    The president of the Central Bank of El Salvador, Douglas Rodríguez, confirmed that between January and July of this year, the country achieved a net export of up to US$31 million, making it no longer an energy importer from Honduras or Nicaragua. Under the economic program of Nayib Bukele, energy ...

  • Bitcoin in Latin America: the next big crypto wave

    Latin America is quickly establishing itself as the global reference for how cryptocurrencies will affect people's daily lives in the coming years. All eyes are on El Salvador to see how it will affect the country's economy and people's standard of living, as in any country that adopts cryptocurrencies as ...

  • $120.4 millones de remesas a través de criptomonedas

    Las remesas recibidas en El Salvador mediante billeteras de criptomonedas no superan el 2% del total de estas divisas registradas en los primeros 10 meses de adopción del bitcóin como moneda de curso legal, de acuerdo con datos oficiales.

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