Perfect people don't fight, they don't lie, they don't make mistakes and they don't exist.
— Aristotele
  • Hydrocarbons to determine political future of Cyprus: Op-ed

    The 1959–60 London and Zurich Agreements, accepted by the representatives of the two equal co-founder communities (Greek and Turkish), together with the three guarantor powers (the United Kingdom, Turkey and Greece), granted Cyprus independence from the U.K. as a bicommunal partnership republic. As signatories to these international agreements, the Greek ...

  • Cancro

    Un giorno il filosofo greco Socrate passeggiava in un mercato di Atene guardando le cose belle e costose che erano esposte. “Quante cose ci sono al mondo che non voglio avere”, esclamò soddisfatto. Ti consiglio di assumere lo stesso atteggiamento.... Leggi

  • Editorial: Duty

    Greece must compete not with other EU countries but rather transcend itself and offer women equal treatment and opportunities..