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  • DTAC aims to woo migrants

    Total Access Communication (DTAC), the country's third largest mobile operator by subscribers, is deepening its focus on migrant workers from Myanmar and Cambodia through the use of incentives, including online pharmacy vouchers, in a bid to gain a strong foothold in this huge market.

  • Caught in the crosshairs

    Feb 1 marked a return to the dark days of military rule for Myanmar. Concerns abound about how the coup will not only destabilise any progress in building democratic principles, but also freeze lucrative foreign investments and economic liberalisation.

  • Dogane e Supply Chain

    RCEP, una Pietra Miliare per il Commercio in Asia (e non solo)

    Mentre il resto del mondo combatte contro la seconda ondata della pandemia di Covid-19, dall’oriente arriva un’alleanza in grado, secondo i paesi firmatari, di risollevare le sorti dell’economia globale. Ci sono voluti quasi dieci anni ed oltre trenta cicli di negoziazione prima che, domenica 15 novembre, i leader di 15 paesi ...

  • Employment in Myanmar during the COVID-19 Outbreak

    Many Thai and international companies have expanded rapidly into Myanmar in recent years, in what had seemed to be an unstoppable expansion of cross-border trade resulting from the country's emergence back onto the global stage. For those companies, the COVID-19 situation in Myanmar has been a cause for much concern ...

  • Malls want CLMV traffic

    Mall operators Siam Piwat and The Mall Group are urging the government to allow resumption of flights from CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam) nations in an effort to reboot the retail business.

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