To write does not mean to convert the real into words but to make the power of the word real
— Augusto Roa Bastos

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  • Sobre una ley de identidad de género

    Se hace necesaria una ley de identidad de género en Panamá como parte del compromiso de adquirido soberanamente por el Estado de respetar los derechos humanos y, siendo el derecho a la autonomía de género un pilar de estos, es recomendable una adecuación del marco legal del país que proteja ...

  • Paraguay faces a turbulent election season

    Paraguay's ruling Colorado Party is in turmoil just ahead of April 2023 elections. The right-wing conservative "Partido Colorado" has long dominated Paraguayan politics and has remained in power even amid the volatile anti-incumbent wave that has recently swept Latin America. With a brand focused on pro-business stability and traditional values ...

  • Brazil-Paraguay border integration agreement approved

    The Senate approved the Executive proposal of the Brazil-Paraguay agreement to integrate the border regions between the two countries (PDL 765/2019). The text was reported by Senator Nelsinho Trad (PSD-MS) and followed for promulgation. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the agreement provides legal instruments based on international law ...

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