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  • Gli oligarchi russi che ora imbarazzano Cipro

    L’isola, che fa parte dell’Ue, è diventata un paradiso fiscale e considera Mosca come un partner contro la Turchia, che occupa la parte nord. La guerra in Ucraina spinge Nicosia a rivedere i suoi rapporti con il Cremlino. Leggi

  • Turkey closes Istanbul for new asylum seekers, minister says

    While referring to the Istanbul governor’s statement that there were 1,305,000 migrants in Istanbul, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu on May 5 said that 500,000 Syrians are currently registered in the metropolitan city alone and that the others were residing foreigners, such as students and employees in foreign companies.

  • Manufacturing PMI falls

    Turkey’s headline Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for the manufacturing industry eased to 49.2 in April, down from 49.4 in March, indicating a second successive monthly moderation in the health of the sector, the survey conducted jointy by S&P Global and the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (İSO) have shown.

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