A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.
— Fidel Castro

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  • Brazil’s new foreign policy under Lula’s command 

    By Diogo Marques* Brazil’s foreign policy and the attempt to regain regional leadership will be the main flags alongside the climate issue and ideological affinities. The participation in the Celac meeting, the tacit support to dictatorships in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba, and commitments with the United States and Germany put ...

  • Cuba: Putin and Díaz-Canel will discuss the prospects for a strategic association

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Cuban counterpart, Miguel Díaz-Canel, who is visiting Moscow, will discuss the prospects for a bilateral strategic partnership on November 22, the Kremlin reported. "It is planned to discuss the current status and development prospects of the Russian-Cuban strategic partnership in the political, commercial, economic, cultural ...

  • Aspettando il cambiamento

    Il governo di Cuba aprirà il mercato agli investimenti stranieri. Ma molti dubitano che la misura possa aiutare la popolazione dell’isola Leggi

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