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Today, Africa has emerged from this dark path. Our Armageddon has passed
— Haile Selassie I

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  • Ethiopia Accepts Peace Accord With Eritrea

    [Deutsche Welle] After decades of conflict and land claims, Ethiopia said it fully accepts the terms of a peace agreement with coastal Eritrea. It has also partially opened its economy to foreign investors.

  • Anchor International Companies Are Investing in Ethiopia - Mofa Directorate General

    [Ethiopian Herald] Zelalem Birhan received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Addis Ababa University in 1992. He also received his graduate degrees in Diplomacy and International Law and Business Administration from Coventry University in England and Southern Queen University of Australia respectively. He then served in the Ministry of ...

  • Ethiopia opens up telecoms, airline to private, foreign investors

    The announcement was the first clear signal that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed would implement real economic reforms...

  • Ida Pledges $375m to Electrify Nation

    [Addis Fortune] Ethiopia gets an additional 375 million dollars of financial assistance to finalise work of the electrification program. The parliament has legislated the loan agreement that signed between the Ministry of Finance & Economic Cooperation (MoFEC) and International Development Association (IDA).

  • Horn Integration Through Hydro-Power Supply

    [Ethiopian Herald] Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya have benefited from Ethiopia's bold move in tapping its hydro-power potential while the latter earned 55 million USD from energy export over the last nine months yet, Ethiopia has been setting the way straight for fast and effective economic interdependence in the Horn region.

  • Agriculture - Engine of Development for Ethiopia

    [Ethiopian Herald] Economic development transforms an economy from one that is largely agricultural to one that is largely manufacturing and services. Since agriculture currently dominates Ethiopia's economy and employment, however, there is an issue as to what its role should be in getting from here to there.

  • Ethiopia:Bringing Sustainable Economy Via Promoting FDI

    [Ethiopian Herald] Sources from Ethiopian Investment Commission indicates that the government is doing its level best to attract FDI. Several standard industrial parks have already been constructed and others are being constructed all over the country. So far, industrial parks that are put in place by the government (Bole Lemi-I ...

  • Ethiopia:Back On Track

    [Ethiopian Herald] Over a score and half a decade back a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) was not there. A 500 thousand Birr capital ceiling was set on citizens. If any one dared to surpass the upper limit s/he would be frowned up on labeled a capitalist or a bourgeois.

  • China scales back investment in Ethiopia

    East African economy pressured by rising debt and foreign exchange scarcity

  • Harnessing Industries for Global Market Competency

    [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia, with its aspirations to transform its emerging economy from agriculture to export industry, has prepared Growth and Transformation Plans (GTPI and II) and been implementing several strategies for the realization. It has completed the implementation of GTPI with considerable achievements in the year 2015 and two years ...

  • Enduring Way Out to Forex Crunch

    [Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia's GDP had been recorded to be in the double digits, uninterrupted for close to 15 years until now, and unseen in the nation's economic history. Likewise, those international financial juggernauts had not been reluctant to speak about it either; whatsoever the case, we are hearing same chorus ...

  • Ethiopia's Astounding Achievement in Attracting FDI

    [Ethiopian Herald] Various sources indicate that the rapid inflow of Foreign Direct Investment to Ethiopia has continued over the past years. But the question here is that even when the country has passed through various political ups and downs, why is this tremendous FDI upward trajectory continued? What is the ...

  • Project Lands Earth to Restore Degraded Land

    [Addis Fortune] A new Provision of Adequate Tree Seed Portfolios (PATSPO) project was launched with the primary aim of enhancing forest landscape restoration and realise Ethiopia's target of building climate resilient green economy.

  • An Age of Economy

    [Ethiopian Herald] Coming to power at the end of the cold war, Ethiopia's government came up with a foreign policy that prioritized economy over stiff ideological objectives, as a result allowing the country to smoothly strengthen its economy, and grow its influence on the regional, continental and international political scene.

  • Post-91 Foreign Policy Shift Behind Peace, Development

    [Ethiopian Herald] The current foreign policy of Ethiopia, which was introduced after the fall of the previous military-socialist regime, has brought economic development, peace and stability, according to political scholars.

  • Keeping Quality Standards for Better Export Performance

    [Ethiopian Herald] During the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II) period Ethiopia aims to register a 29 percent annual increment in foreign trade and secure 14 billion USD by the end of the period (2019/20 fiscal year). Concerning sector's contribution, the country eyes to secure 7.7 billion USD from ...

  • Addis Chamber Boosting Trade, Investment Ties

    [Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA- Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) said that it has been working to strengthen Ethiopia's commercial and investment ties with various countries.

  • Public-Private Pacts Open Doors to Climate Finance in Rwanda and Ethiopia

    [IPS] Busan -The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) presented the African model of a National Financing Vehicle in which the governments of Rwanda and Ethiopia have successfully promoted green growth and climate resilience, at an event May 25 on the sidelines of the annual meetings of the Board of Governors ...

  • Ministerial Meeting Was Productive - Augusto

    [ANGOP] Addis Ababa -Foreign Minister, Manuel Augusto said Saturday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that the meeting between African Union Reform Pilot Unit (AU) and the 15-member committee was profitable but the fear of a hypothetical loss of power persists.

  • Local Manufacturers Criticize Suppliers' Credit Facility Amendment

    [Reporter] The amendment made last year on the External Loans and Suppliers' Credit Directive of the National Bank of Ethiopia has been criticized by local manufacturers for its effect of marginalizing local firms from accessing foreign currency and suppliers' credit facilities. materials as long as they are exclusively export oriented; ...

  • An Ungrateful Sector

    [Addis Fortune] The Ministry of Trade has made public its third-quarter report on the export earnings of Ethiopia, and it is not good news. For the past two years, the nation has not been able to crack the three billion dollar mark. The government and international institutions such as the ...

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