On this battlefield man has no better weapon than his intelligence, no other force but his heart
— José Rizal

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  • IBM Korea taps Won Sung-shik as new chief

    IT solutions provider IBM Korea has appointed Won Sung-shik as its new general manager, the firm said Thursday. Won replaces former CEO Song Ki-hong, who has moved to supervise IBM’s ASEAN operations and IBM Korea’s global business serv

  • Bridge link to spur economy

    The Thai economy will be powered by a southern land bridge megaproject, which will connect the Gulf of Thailand with the Andaman Sea, as part of the state's ambitious plan to make Thailand a logistics hub in Asean, says Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob.

  • Intanto nel mondo

    I leader della Nato fanno fronte comune contro Cina e Russia, manifestazione a Budapest contro una legge che discrimina l’omosessualità, inchiesta della Corte penale internazionale sulla guerra alla droga nelle Filippine. Leggi

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