Perfect people don't fight, they don't lie, they don't make mistakes and they don't exist.
— Aristotele

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  • Editorial: Russian revisionism

    Greece is a member of NATO, of the EU and the eurozone. Russia’s initiative is a flagrant violation of international law and poses additional dangers for our country.

  • Turkish-Greek Aegean talks to continue despite row

    Senior officials from Turkey and Greece will hold the 64th round of exploratory talks on Feb. 22 in Athens, a dialogue mechanism that has been running since the early 2000s, amid an ongoing quarrel over the latter’s continued efforts of the armament of the islands that must be kept demilitarized ...

  • Editorial: Catharsis

    A 24-year-old Thessaloniki rape victim heard the message of other women that preceded her and broke her silence. The rest of us have a duty to continue to pay close attention.

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