Our official histories of our countries and societies are made of forgetfulness.
— Mia Couto

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  • Port of Maputo breaks records in 2022 after investments

    The port of Maputo broke the cargo volume record in 2022, after general modernization, rehabilitation of the pier and the extension of trains with ore from South Africa to 24 hours, the management company announced today. In total, in 2022, the cargo that passed through the port grew by 20% ...

  • 09 Dic
    Le Tendenze della Manifattura Italiana alla Mozambique Fashion Week

    L'ICE-Agenzia per la promozione all'estero e l'internazionalizzazione delle imprese italiane, in collaborazione con CNA-Federmoda, organizza un seminario dedicato alle tendenze della manifattura italiana nel settore della moda e accessori alla Mozambique Fashion Week - MFW 2022. Il seminario si svolgerà il 09 dicembre 2022 all'Indy Village Conference Center di Maputo dalle ...

  • German government supports Mozambique with €199 million

    The Government of Germany announced today the support of €199 million for social and economic development sectors in Mozambique, within the scope of closer bilateral cooperation, according to a joint communiqué. The note from the German Embassy in Maputo and Mozambique's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation advances that funding will be channeled ...

  • Mozambique: Nyusi Invites Italy to Invest in the Northern Region

    [AIM] Maputo -- Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has expressed interest in seeing Italy finance the Programme for Resilience and Integrated Development of the Northern Region (PREDIN) which aims to promote the recovery of basic conditions for sustainable economic and social development of northern Mozambique, following the terrorism that has been ...

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