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  • Ukranian crisis ‘mars’ Turkey-Russia trade

    Turkish exporters have diverted to Georgia to transport their goods to Russia after outbreak of Kyiv crisis, but limits on transit permits given by Georgian government ‘is stalling’ trade

  • Banca Russia opererà solo sul mercato interno

    RUSSIA Mosca. 30/03/14. «Al fine di proteggere i clienti delle banche da frodi istituzioni finanziarie estere AB Russia ha deciso di lavorare esclusivamente sul mercato domestico e una sola moneta la moneta nazionale Leggi tutto...

  • Egypt and Russia to boost trade ties

    Moscow feels deeply uneasy that its traditional allies in the Middle East have crumbled and it is trying to establish new alliances

  • As talk of sanctions on Russia heats up, business groups draw cautionary line

    Business groups are pushing to ensure that any economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States are joined by as much of the rest of the world as possible, warning Congress and the Obama administration that unilateral U.S. action would put tens of billions of dollars of American investment ...

  • Russia aims at Ukraine, and its own economy takes a hit

    Russia hasn’t fired any shots yet in Ukraine, but there were plenty of casualties Monday on Russia’s currency and stock markets. Share prices of Russian companies plunged more than 11 percent, and the Russian currency, the ruble, also tumbled. The country’s natural gas monopoly, Gazprom, which sells gas to ...

  • 18 Feb
    Turismo dai Brics!

    La penisola italiana è un'icona del turismo, per bellezze paesaggistiche, culturali e artistiche. Eppure non è la meta preferita dai nuovi ceti medi provenienti dai paesi emergenti, ormai emersi. Cina, Brasile, Russia e India già ad oggi hanno a disposizione una capacità di spesa superiore dell'80% a quella del 2005 ...

  • Russia slaps trade ban on lacy lingerie

    LACY lingerie is being “snatched off the shelves” in Russia as women prepare for a ban that will outlaw underwear with less than six per cent cotton.

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