Today, Africa has emerged from this dark path. Our Armageddon has passed
— Haile Selassie I
  • Ethiopia: Committee Arises to Assess Damaged Investments

    [Addis Fortune] The Office of the Prime Minister has formed a high-level committee that will assess the damage suffered by investments and business entities due to instability in the country. With four institutions as members, the committee has started its operations by requesting that banks and insurance companies submit data ...

  • Ethiopia: Ethiopia's Ten-Year Plan to Industrialize

    [Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Trade and Industry recently announced that it is planning to enable the country earn as much as nine billion USD in the coming ten years from the export of manufacturing products. One of the strategies in this regard is to attract Foreign Direct Investment.

  • Cosa succede intanto nel mondo

    Primo arresto a Hong Kong in base alla nuova legge sulla sicurezza nazionale, scioglimento parziale delle forze speciali del Ksk in Germania, almeno dieci morti durante le proteste oromo in Etiopia. Leggi

  • 03 Giu
    Business focus East Africa: Kenya ed Etiopia

    Il 3 giugno, dalle 15.00 alle 17.00, partecipa al webinar dedicato alle opportunità offerte dai mercati di Kenya ed Etiopia. Perché partecipare Durante il webinar verrà presentata alle imprese un'analisi delle opportunità offerte dai mercati Kenya ed Etiopia in ottica export. Il focus settoriale sarà in particolare su beni industriali (macchinari, industrial equipment, ...