There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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  • Here are 4 ways to start learning a new language at home

    RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – When it comes to foreign language skills, the United States falls considerably short compared to other nations. In fact, only around 20 percent of Americans report being able to speak more than one language. This stands in stark contrast to places like Europe, where more ...

  • Three headwinds for the global economy

    In the past few months or so, several headwinds have emerged in the world economic arena. We have seen a sharp increase in commodity prices, including natural gas, crude oil, and coal, which has reached US$240 a tonne from about $70 last year. The result has been an electricity generation ...

  • Panama government raises 2022 budget after parliamentary objection

    RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - Panama's Executive reformulated the 2022 general state budget and raised it by 0.66%, to leave it at US$25.2947 billion, after the bill was returned by Parliament to increase the amount of operating and investment spending. The original draft of the budget was presented for an ...

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