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  • Angola

    "Economia da partilha" junta hoje os parceiros

    O Ministério dos Transportes realiza hoje, em Luanda, um ciclo de palestras sobre colégio de sistemas de informação, subordinado ao tema “Economia da Partilha”

  • Cina

    Recovery phase

    Hoping for a miracle DISASTER struck Malaysia Airlines twice in 2014. In March, flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, a Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers and crew, disappeared an hour after take-off. Experts think it crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, though no one is sure why. Only a few ...

  • USA

    Analyse this

    WHAT is the most influential contemporary book about the world economy? An obvious choice is “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, a 696-page analysis of inequality by Thomas Piketty, a French economist. There is another candidate: “Valuation”, a 825-page manual on corporate finance and shareholder value. Some 700,000 copies of it ...

  • Cina USA Spagna

    Hail, César!

    Mr Alierta found his chair comfortable SIXTEEN years was surely too long for anyone to remain as boss of Spain’s largest telecoms company, Telefónica. During his spell in charge, César Alierta, 70, who at last agreed to hang up his receiver this week, created a giant. Telefónica expanded far and wide ...

  • USA


    IN 1998 Peter Mandelson, a leading member of Britain’s then Labour government, said he was “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich as long as they pay their taxes.” Today Lord Mandelson is more uptight; he worries about the rising inequality and stagnating middle-class incomes brought about by globalisation. His ...

  • Myanmar

    The Burma road

    Ripe for investment SPEND a day in Yangon, shuttling among new high-rises and bars before retreating to your boutique hotel, and you can almost believe that after decades of isolation, Myanmar is squarely on the road to prosperity. Spend more than a few days, however, and the cracks start showing: intermittent ...

  • USA Ghana

    Ante upped

    TEN years ago African bonds were a rare sight. Of all the countries south of the Sahara, only South Africa had ever sold a dollar-denominated bond to foreign investors. Since then, 16 more have. Excluding South Africa, African countries issued $6.75 billion of dollar debt last year, just short of ...

  • USA

    Bucking the trend

    AT THE beginning of the year the dollar was on a tear. In trade-weighted terms, it had risen by almost 20% since the start of July 2014. With the Federal Reserve tightening interest rates for the first time since 2006, the greenback seemed destined to head higher. In fact, doubts were ...

  • Cina USA Canada Francia Australia Regno Unito Paesi Bassi

    Hot in the city

    GLOBALISATION has created a handful of metropolises that attract people, capital and ideas from all over the world, almost irrespective of how their national economy is doing. House prices in such places, unsurprisingly, outpace the national average. In our latest round-up of global housing, we find that prices have risen ...

  • Cina

    Money bags

    “WE ARE on a wild ride,” Tom Mangas, the boss of Starwood, an American hotel group that owns the Westin and Sheraton brands, wrote to employees this week. He was referring to the bidding war over Starwood between Marriott, another American hotel operator, and a group led by Anbang, a ...

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